3 Unconventional Tricks to beat the heat


Putting the Pillow in the Freezer

Living in the heat is really very difficult and when even the air conditioner goes bust what to do? Well friends air conditioner was not always there and people used to live comfortably. Air conditioners are also not environment friendly. So try these cool and unconventional ways to keep cool, and it is Eco-Friendly too.

  • Cool by cooling key body points – If you are stuck in the sun and even shade is not available for long distance this technique can be useful. It happens when you are undertaking a desert Safari. Knowing the cooling points in your body will help. These cooling points are the places where arteries come to the surface, i.e. the wrist and the neck. Try this and you will be amazed with effect.
  • Chill You Pillow in the Freezer – Yes i am not joking. While going to sleep it is your head which is required to be cool. Sleeping when it is hot is the most difficult thing to do. So go ahead and chill your pillow in the freezer. A chilled pillow will keep your head cool for up to 45 minutes. Enough time to get into deep sleep.
  • Use heavy Drapes – Thick cloth drapes should be used in summers to keep the heat out. Cover all openings in you home like doors and windows with heavy cotton drapes for the cool effect. The best drapes are thick,white color and layered.

Beat the Heat without the Air Conditioner

Keeping Cool in the Heat

Some people cannot tolerate the hot climate, and also the air conditioning makes them sick. So what is the option left. Well I am the one who gets nasty cold in Air conditioned places and also cannot tolerate the heat. I have devised some great ways to counter heat without air-conditioner. Here are a few weird but effective ways:

  • Using box fans as exhausts and reverse exhausts – In the afternoon use the box fans as an exhaust to push out the hot air. Reverse the process in the cool evenings. Basic but very effective way to keep the rooms cool in heat wave.
  • Use water to cool off – Have regular baths to keep your body cool. Also keep sprinkling water on your face. It is the face where most heat is felt.
  • Use the basement in Heat – With heating the hot air rises. Hence upper floors will be the hottest. Go down to the basement and enjoy the cool air. I have made an arrangement in the basement for the extreme heat.
  • Eat less food – In heat wave conditions it is better to eat less and add up more water based drinks. This will help you to beat the heat.
  • Fill water in the balcony – This will help keep the room adjacent to the balcony cool, as water takes the longest to get heated. Drain the water in the evening and you will get a cool floor to keep your feet on.

Rent a Yacht and Enjoy Summers in Cancun

Sandra Marie Luxury yacht

Cancun is a city in south-east Mexico. Located in Quintana Roo state, the city is visited by tourists throughout the year. There are many adventures you can undertake here. There are many options of water adventure here. The best way to cool you heels and enjoy the nature is to go yachting. You can choose to go on a shared or private yacht. If you are the one who likes planning your own destination, and detest the guiding part the Private Yacht is made for you. You will have the freedom and the privacy of your own. Just go ahead and rent a private yacht. Sailing into the azure blue waters the experience is enigmatic. The advantages of renting your own Private yacht are many, out of which I have tried to list a few.

  • A Private Getaway – It is your own luxury vehicle. Choose your own place to dive and snorkel, if you are an expert swimmer. You can also enjoy with your family or girlfriend. With wide open seas and nothing to bother, you can have your own private time together. I hired Sandra Marie Luxury yacht and here is where my love life bloomed. You can make your own love story here.
  • Perfect for Casual Business meetings – If you want to have a business meeting in a classic setting, renting a private yacht is the best way to go. It has all modern amenities, and is equipped with conference rooms as well. You can pick and choose from many options. The meetings will surely be a success with the help of serene surroundings. Many crucial decisions are taken in these casual meetings.
  • Private Parties – Now this is the ultimate advantage of renting a private yacht. Just stack your yacht with the food and drinks and sail with your friends. You can party all night with your friends with no case of neighbors getting disturbed. Just chill and fill your evening with the glittering lights, the sky above and the ocean around. You will love the feeling. You will have your own chef and can try different cuisines when on board.
  • Services tailored for you – The private yacht that you rent has all possible services like a chef, maid and even a skilled diving and snorkeling guide. It will all be made to order according to your wishes. In fact you are the king of the ocean in your boat. Specialized care for medical emergencies is also made available on demand.
  • Make your own Voyage – Just plan and visit any destination. You can go to small islands scattered all along Cancun Sea. The vast lagoons along the islands are the best place for water sports and there are many options. The nature will amaze you with its colors and zing.

If you want to have a private getaway with your spouse or girlfriend or want a party with your friends Sandra Maria Luxury yacht is perfect. It is economically priced and has all amenities. Spoil yourself and enjoy Yachting. All the stress of work will disappear in a day.Rent a yacht and go sailing.

Water Therapy – Natural way to cleanse

Drink water for health

Drinking water when you rise is a way to get rid of many ailments. It is an ancient Ayurvedic technique to help patients suffering from pain, cancer or asthma. You just need to drink one liter of water early in the morning on empty stomach.Do not eat food one hour before and after.

Cleanses Colon Purifies Blood

The morning intake will purify the internal organs. Especially, colon is washed well and cleansed. It helps to absorb nutrients of food more potently. As a result blood is purified giving you the amazing feeling of feeling fresh.

Beneficial for joints and back ache

Another major benefit of drinking water in the morning is very good for joints. A hydrated body copes very well with all-weather conditions. It helps in keeping the joints in shape and reduces back pain in the long run.

Helps lose weight

Intake of one glass of chilled water boosts body metabolism by 24 percent. The increased metabolism helps to burn off excess deposited fat in the waist and abdomen. The result is losing the extra weight which has many health benefits.

Good for Skin

A cleansed system leads to better skin. Just have water with a bit of lime . It helps to beat the heat in summer and keeps body warm in winter. You skin will glow in the long run.

Healthy Lymph nodes

Lymph nodes help fluid distribution in our bodies, helps fight infection and perform daily functions. Water drunk in the morning helps to keep the lymphatic system healthy.



Stay Healthy in Summer

Summer is knocking on the door. The days of snow and chill are few now. The heat is on and sweating will make it tough.

Summer Fitness tips
Stay Healthy and Fit in Summer


So, how to cope with the scorch of summer. Here are a few tips to beat the heat and enjoy the summer:

  • Eat more fruits – Fruits contain antioxidants and fibre. Especially berries are loaded with nutrients which keep you full of energy. Eating lots of fruits also keeps many illness at bay.
  • De-stress in Nature – The heat and increase in temperature can result in stress getting to you. Hence, go out in the nature and enjoy the blooms. If restricted with time you can plant flowers in your garden to enjoy the changes in nature.
  • Drink lots of water – The sweating in summer takes away water and important minerals from your body. Drinking lots of water in any form will boost your health in the heat. Always carry a water bottle everywhere.
  • Exercise regularly – Do not excuse yourself from exercise. Exercise helps keep your immune level up, which is required in the summer. It is the perfect season for germs and healthy body will keep the infection away.
  • Drink less alcohol – Alcohol feels relaxing but dehydrate the body. The lesser you drink the better it is.
  • Eye protection – With heat comes the dreaded dust. You need to protect your precious eyes from the dust. Wear eye gear when out to keep you eye healthy. Block the rays from your eyes.
  • Sleep well – Sleeping well is required. It boosts your health and keeps you ready for the heat.


Winter and Delayed Electric Bills

An unexpected cold spell in the
Me a few weeks ago 🙂 !

Well winter in our resort finally hit us this month and we had the coldest week I have ever known here, Temperatures dropping in the night to below zero – really unheard of. Daytimes where not much better with pictures on Facebook of swimming pools with ice in!! So of course out came the heaters and air conditioners to warm up our homes, which are perfect for summer with their multitude of big windows, marble floors and large airy rooms. Not so good for keeping warm! I was not as unfortunate as some. My apartment has wooden floors that I have some gorgeous Turkish rugs to throw over in the chillier months. The only tiling I have is the hall and bathroom and the hall has a fabulous secondhand, hand woven wool runner in traditional colours and pattern. My windows are double glazed, as much to keep the cool air conditioned air in during summer as to keep the drafts and cold out in winter. I also hang material curtains along with my nets, don’t add much heat but feel cosier. My rooms are scattered with numerous throws, some lovely bought fluffy ones and some I have made myself –yes I enjoy knitting and crochet!! The big downside for all of us this month is our electricity bills. Now winter does not bring overly large bills in as daytime sun heats our water via solar panels and the use of electric water heaters and showers is minimal for most. I normally do not need to heat my rooms in the daytime as the sun does this for me. Just to give you an idea, the sun is actually warm enough some days for the intrepid ex pat to sunbathe, I even saw some idiots in the sea! The added problem with electric this year is that the company providing our electricity changed. All the promises of more efficiency etc, still are waiting for that to happen. What we got was two readings, which were certainly higher than previous years and then nothing for three months. Alongside that we have an abnormally amount of electric cuts over the past few months. My neighbour is still upset over her bill it is four times higher than normal, more than her house rental in fact! I was prepared and actually mine came within actually slightly under what I expected. Now I have been putting money on one side over the three month period so had to hand when the bill came. The outcry that they bills were too high and people did not have enough money to pay, shocked a bit. Everyone knows that if you use electricity you have to pay for it, now granted monthly bills make it easier to budget but you know you are going to get a bill at some point, so save, what is so difficult about that? Ok the bills from the Akdeniz Electric Company  were higher than expected but again I knew I was using more over the cold snap but I put a bit more away, a guesstimate but at least I had most of the money set aside.

Handwoven wool Turkish Rug
Turkish Wool Rug


Sunbathing and Wellington Boots.

Not very hot at the moment, where I live we are surrounded by mountains and there is snow on them. After saying that, the daily temperature, barring any storms is around 19˚C. You will find quite a few foreigners sunbathing at the beach between the hours of 10am -2pm. I love this time of year, the flowers are out and walking is such a pleasure. There are some super walks along the sea side and up into the mountains but there you do need to wrap up. The contrast in weather in just 30 mins is amazing. On a Sunday you can see people coming home for picnics in the mountains with snowmen on the bonnet of their cars, a competition as to how long they will last goes on between friends. IN the car you will often find bags of snow which is put into the freezer and served to friends or neighbours with a covering of syrup usually Pekmez. This is considered a health supplement here, especially for this time of year, taken to combat colds. It is actually also delicious mixed with tarhini, this is often served for breakfast.

Combien pekmez and tarhini to make a lovely breakfast spread
Pekmez and Tarhini

We have had a couple of storm thank goodness I had prepared my balcony for winter. That means taking down my sun curtains and removing all objects that can be blown away, small tables and chairs etc. When the storms come they can be quite dangerous in terms of flying objects from balconies and falling trees. A few years ago I was peppered with pegs when a wind lifted them from someone’s balcony and dropped them on me. Didn’t hurt (much) but certainly made me jump. This year the storms have caused considerable flooding in some areas – makes me glad I am on a 4th floor. Now this might seem an odd purchase to some but wellington boots definitely needed at this time of year, mine are lovely all covered in butterflies!! When it rains here it is a deluge not a trickle so waterproofs another must buy, that is if you want to avoid the fashion accessory of plastic bin bags that locals don in the rain.

Butterfly wellington boots just great for those rainy deluges

Jobs to do, bills to pay.

Paying bills changing currency

It’s not all beaches and BBQs when you live abroad. We still have to pay bills, do the washing and clean the house. The thing is we tend to do it to a different time scale. Take cleaning the house, this is either done early morning before the sun hits the rooms or late evening. Having windows open to catch all the fresh air you learn to live with dust,. Ok most of us have air conditioning but you soon learn to use it sparingly. Sore throats, nasty summer colds ,chesty coughs and never ending headaches can all be traced back to over useage of an air conditioner, especially the older models. The best idea is to cool a room down to around 22/24 degs as fast as possible then put the set time as 23/25. I tend to do this before I go to bed and most modern air conditioners have night setting so will automatically turn off at a time you choose. Thank goodness I got a loan so I could buy one of the newer models that do not dry the air out as much as the old ones did, now being there in summer is  doable. Take a look at my new up to date model <img sr

Paying bills in this med country is improving but is still a chore. Never go to the bank Monday or Fridays, always crowded. Money exchange is usually better mid week unless something drastically alters the economic situation. Bank exchanges are higher than the exchange offices but you get more flexibilty with time than with banks. There are ATM’s all over now and most have options to draw out in your own currency as well as local. Just remember to check with your bank re the their charges on your debit cards...considerable differences have been noted.

Alcohol or not…….now that is a question?


Holidays can end in disaster

Dry throat, scorching skin, sweaty and sticky, sounds familiar to those living in hot temps or on holiday. You look to the glass in front of you, is it…
a) A tall glass of golden brew drops glistening down its sides – a long cold beer                             or                                                                                                                                                                                                b) A glass of what looks like water?

Answer a) – you’re pretty much a tourist.

Answer b)  – a local and it really is water in the glass.

Water a necessity of life, and none more so than when living in temperatures of 30 degrees +. Dehydration can be a real problem and a very unpleasant one at that. My experience of it came when I first started living abroad. I had gone to the beach with a friend and only took a small bottle of water with me.  Stayed longer than I planned although I was under a parasol and thought I was ok. On the way home I started to feel a bit lightheaded. At home this developed into a really bad headache and I started to feel shaky. I lay down and next thing I knew I woke up in the local hospital on a drip. My husband could not rouse me so had carried me to the car and taken me to the hospital. I came home later that day, feeling much better and my ears filled with instructions on how not to let it happen again and in 17 years it hasn’t. I cannot say the same for some of my visitors though…despite warnings they really haven’t listened and suffered the consequences, losing days out of their holidays, but like me they have had to learn the hard way. My one rule for combating dehydration..Always always always have a bottle of water with you…drink at least 500tl an hour if out in the sun. Rule of thumb, if you are thirsty, you are not drinking enough, water that is, Alcohol and coffee are not enough. Some rehydration tips that might save you a trip to the hospital or losing precious days of your holiday.

water bottle for recycling
But don’t forget to recycle your bottle!!!
Always have water.
Always have water at the beach…

Spots and Bots

Oh the time of the spotty botty has arrived. Such an indelicate subject I know but really it is a fact of life in the summer months. No matter what I do it always arrives. The heat, sweat and wearing of bikini or swimsuits all contribute. Now some years ago at an open day at a spa we were told by the beautician to use kitchen scrubs as our bath sponge the rough part acting as an exfoliater.  A few days later I and all the other ladies got an email from said beautician saying,` Please only buy the PInk Scrubs`!! Apparently the green ones are too tough. No I am not laughing, well maybe smiling. So not this, sponge but this pink sponge

I have found over the years commercial body scrubs or exfoliators do not really work so I tend to use salt. I find this acts very well, just rub gently into wet skin in circles before rinsing. I have found it also helps with prickly heat, another very unpleasant reaction to sun and heat. This sometimes needs a Drs Input if it gets too unbearable. More info HERE

On the advice of locals I have learnt to appreciate the value of Ayran. This is a yoghurt and water drink with salt added. Ayran is an acquired taste but certainly worth it. Yoghurt is a natural coolant and is used often in Turkish and Mediterranean kitchens and as an aid to healthy living. It is a part of my daily diet.  Other uses for Yoghurt.

Cool refreshing Ayran